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It’s a simple idea, invite the Doers of the world, the movers and the shakers together to inspire the rest of us to DO too.

The DO is an intimate gathering. 80 attendees and 15 speakers whose stories act as the catalyst for conversation, where ideas grow, vulnerability is embraced and people leave slightly different to when they arrived.


You know a picture paints a thousand words, right? Well this film paints a beautiful story.  It goes like this, you have an idea, you think it’s crazy, but you do it anyway.

This is DO USA in a nutshell.  Watch this and don’t tell us you’re not at least a little bit intrigued.

Our Talks

  • "I've never been to a place with so many people that thought way outside the box with such contagious passion. I'll be back."

    Ben Masters
    Ben Masters
  • It is like sharing a promise to your love, your family, and your community. You never want to leave your promise unfulfilled. We have this precious gift of life and I was encouraged by everyones' presence at The Do Lectures!!!"

    James Alexander
    James Alexander
  • "You fall in love with humanity again."

    Libby Delana
    Libby Delana
  • "Shakespeare was only half right - the flip side of 'To Be or not To Be' is 'To Do or not To Do'...THAT is the question that the times ask of us."

    Tom Deblasis
    Tom Deblasis
  • "The Do Lectures is the only place I know where you can find yourself mingling with a living saint (see Maggie Doyne), or feeling the joy and catharthis of true redemption (see James Alexander), or just sit back and let the words of a true artist (see David Sanchez) bring your soul to the surface. I loved every minute of it."

    Peter Farelly
    Peter Farelly

    Elle Luna
    Elle Luna
  • “The Do Lectures are food for the Soul, because a soul’s gotta eat too!”

    Heather Neely
    Heather Neely


The “Two Films” vision, written by David Hieatt, the founder of the DO Lectures, encapsulates the spirit of DO. Here’s our video version to entice you to live your second film!

2016 Speakers Announced

Andrew Ference is many things, including someone who dislikes writing his own bios. At 37 years of age he still listens to the old punk rock of his youth and cannot bring himself to ditching his Doc Marten boots. An avid seeker of “King of The Mountain” segments on his numerous bicycles, he still finds time to be a Dad of two girls (Ava 10 & Stella 7) and a husband of another girl (Krista 38). With strong emotions towards waste and inefficiencies, Andrew has studied Corporate Sustainability and Innovation at Harvard and is a partner at HarvestPort Capital, a venture capital fund aimed at supporting sustainable agricultural technology. Since there were a couple of spare hours in the week, Andrew also recently took a position with the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation helping to stoke the entrepreneurial spirit in his home city to further cement its ranking as best place in the world. Since he’s running out of allowable word count… Founder of November Project Canada, free fitness 3x a week, Horrible surfer who loves surfing, Has been ambassador of Lululemon, Sambazon Acái, Guayaki Maté, Boston Recycling, etc. And lots of games in the NHL and one Stanley Cup.

Jacqueline Sharp / Founder of FORT

As a self-proclaimed life enthusiast, Jacqueline Sharp, is most grateful for her 32-year honed skill of recognizing incredible potential in things and people that are often overlooked.  She meanders through life with a curious mind and open heart, knowing the world’s wonders are, free of charge, out there for each to enjoy.  For the last four years she has had the honor to partake in the development of a company she calls FORT.  As described in a Forbes.com article, “Sharp is the founder and CEO of FORT, a Los Angeles-based company that leverages reclaimed materials to create beautiful pieces of custom furniture. The name is a throwback to building forts during childhood, when every item in the house suddenly held newfound potential to transform, and become part of something creative, and new.”  Jac, as most call her, started FORT with a $50 table saw off Craigslist and a bunch of very helpful YouTube clips. Her favorite interests include the shape of space, Platonic thought, the human psyche, family dynamics, building a better global economic system, and most anything else of profound interest. She strives to surround herself with people who are far more fun, more skilled, and more knowledgeable than she, who don’t mind answering her multitudes of questions.

Veronika Scott / Founder
Empowerment Plan

Founder of ‘The Empowerment Plan’, a Detroit-based social enterprise, Veronika Scott has built an organization that began around a single idea: to design a coat that transforms into a sleeping bag for homeless people. That idea has now transformed into a system of empowerment that creates jobs to permanently lift people out of poverty. The production staff, which is composed of previously homeless women and men, has proven that Empowerment Plan is radically changing workforce development. Each employee is paid to learn how to produce the coat, employed full time, and is also provided with supplemental education programming. This opportunity gives employees a chance to earn a stable income, find secure housing, and gain back independence for themselves and their families.

Veronika is the youngest recipient of the JFK New Frontier Award and received an honorary doctorate from Johnson State College. She is a winner of the IDEA Gold Award, the Diane von Furstenberg People’s Voice Award, and has been named one of Forbes 30 Under 30, Chronicle of Philanthropy’s 40 Under 40, and CNN’s 10 Visionary Women. Her organization’s story has been told at the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit, and on other platforms across the globe. It is supported and promoted by the likes of Oprah, Madonna, and Warren Buffett.

Roda Ahmed/ Author

Roda was born in Hargaisa, Somalia in 1981, and moved to Norway in 1986. She graduated in Anthropology from the NTNU (Norwegian University of Technology and Natural Sciences). She speaks five languages, Somalic, Arabic, Norwegian, English and French.

In 2008 Roda’s debut novel “Forberedelsen” (The Preparation) was published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, one of the largest and most respected book publishing houses in the country, and went straight into the Norwegian best selling lists. Roda became the first black girl to ever write a Norwegian fiction novel. The book received very positive reviews, and is now mandatory reading in Norwegian schools and Universities all over the country. Roda has received writing scholarship from the Norwegian foundation “Fritt Ord” (The Free Speech Foundation ). Roda Ahmed was a regular columnist in Dagsavisen, one of the major newspapers in Norway. Where she wrote about Obama from  senator to President of the United States.

She has lived in Paris, but in 2005 she moved to New York, where she is now working on her next novel, “New York Stories.” Roda’s first American book release will be a children’s story about the first African American female astronaut Mae Jemison called “Mae Among the Stars.” Roda is married, and has two children.

John Finger / Founder & CEO Hog Island Oyster Co.

John was born and raised on the eastern end of Long Island, New York an area steeped in seafood and shellfish tradition. An avid fisherman, and surfer, John has always had a deep love and respect for the ocean. He graduated from the Southampton College of Long Island University in 1978, magna cum laude, with a B.S. degree in marine biology. Following graduation John headed west, pursuing work in aquaculture and Pacific Ocean waves.

In California, John built his experience and foundation in aquaculture with International Shellfish Enterprises (ISE), out of Moss Landing. From 1979 to 1981 John worked for ISE in the positions of Field Supervisor, Director of Research & Development, and eventually as Manager of Oyster Nursery and Grow-out Operations. In his position as Director of Research & Development John facilitated and oversaw ISE’s 400-acre farm on Tomales Bay.

John left ISE in 1981 to travel and work throughout Europe. While traveling, he worked as a shellfish mariculture consultant to the Irish Government and as an oyster seed sales representative for an American Company in Spain.

Northern California, however, had captured John’s heart. Tomales Bay’s pristine waters and rich history of oyster farming beckoned him home and in 1983 John returned from Europe to establish the Hog Island Oyster Company®. Beginning with a 5-acre lease at the north end of the Bay, John and partners developed what has become one of the most celebrated oyster farms of North America.

Today, Hog Island leases 160 acres throughout Tomales Bay and produces over 3 million oysters and clams each year. Hog Island sells direct to customers, restaurants and retailers throughout California.

John is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of Hog Island Oyster Company.

Mara Abrams / Founder The Flow Collective

Mara is a social innovator and entrepreneur. Her latest venture, The Flow Collective, is a multifaceted platform redefining the culture of entrepreneurship. It includes a design and tech academy that gives people the tools to solve real-world challenges, and a global incubator promoting mindfulness, diversity, and human-centered design. She has led historic incubators and innovation workshops as far away as Cuba and Myanmar, as well as at home in Portland, OR. Previously, Mara served as Global Partnerships Manager for Nike Foundation’s Innovation team, working on breakthrough approaches to serve adolescent girls living in poverty. Mara was first introduced to the Nike Foundation during the inaugural Do Lectures USA, where she was a Bloomberg Businessweek Innovation Fellow. At the time she was working to train and support citizen journalists and young filmmakers in conflict, post-conflict, and underreported regions. The Do Lectures inspired her to make her next bold moves, and she is thrilled to share her story in this full-circle moment in the company of brilliant do-ers.

Jedidiah Jenkins / Author, Dreamer, Explorer

Jedidiah Jenkins splits his time between Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles, California and is at work on his first book about his bicycle trip from Oregon to Patagonia. He is Executive Editor of Wilderness Magazine and a contributor to the Paris Review. His parents wrote A Walk Across America and The Walk West about their five year walk across the United States in the 70s. His hope is to continue their legacy as lovers of the earth and all the people in it.

Miki Agrawal / Founder of THINX

Miki Agrawal is a force of nature.” She was named 2015 Social Entrepreneur of the Year at the World Technology Awards and her Company THINX was named Time Magazine’s 25 Best New Inventions of 2015. Miki was also the recipient of the TriBeCa Film Festival’s Disruptive Innovation Award and was named one of the “Top 20 Millenials on a Mission” by Forbes.

She is the CEO and Co-Founder of THINX, a high-tech, beautiful underwear solution for women to wear during their periods. She teamed up with AFRIpads in Uganda to fund a pack of reusable cloth pads for every underwear sold to get millions of girls back in school. To date, Miki and THINX have helped over 30,000 girls go back to school. THINX has gone viral 5 times since launching the company in 2014. Here is THINX’s 13-minute documentary breaking down the menstrual taboo.

Jerri Chou / Founder Feast

Cited as one of the top 100 Most Creative by Fast Company, Jerri’s purpose is to create experiences that help people realize they’re part of something greater. A facilitator, artist, and healer, she draws on over 10 years of experience in convening, experience design, and purpose-based innovation and foresight to spearheaded pioneering projects and companies for the last 15 years. These include The Feast, which bring together innovators from across disciplines to explore possibilities for themselves and the world and special projects ranging from opportunity identification to prototyping with partners like Intel, MSNBC, and SAP to Nonprofits and government agencies like The MacArthur Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Brandan BmikeOdums / Filmmaker

Brandan BmikeOdums is a highly sought after visual artist and filmmaker who uses these chosen mediums to tell stories and make statements that transform the minds of viewers as well as the spaces in which his work appears.

In 2016 Brandan debuted his first solo show in New Orleans in a 35,000 sq ft warehouse named #StudioBe. Welcoming hundreds of visitors a week as well as school tours from around the region.

In 2013, Brandan completed a series of graffiti murals depicting iconic African American civil rights leaders at the Hurricane Katrina damaged Florida Avenue public housing complex in New Orleans’ 9th Ward. Given the name #ProjectBe, the space unexpectedly received national attention bringing spectators from all over to see the art before the deserted complex’s set demolition date.

Following the success of #ProjectBe, Brandan came across another abandoned five-story apartment building on the West Bank in New Orleans in 2014 and began working on #ExhibitBe. The completed space was the largest street art gathering in the South gaining national attention and welcoming over 30,000 visitors during its three month opening.

Brandan’s other passions lie in the New Orleans community. He is the founder and director of 2-Cent Entertainment LLC – a New Orleans based youth education social enterprise that produces mixed media content and workshops in the overlap between pop culture and social awareness. Partnering with organizations like Scholastic and Better World Books to give away tens of thousands of books to local youth, 2-Cent services countless youth in New Orleans. 2-Cent Summer Session – media arts camp, in New Orleans I currently entering it’s 4th year.

As a Filmmaker his directed music videos has appeared on MTV, VH1 and BET, Brandan has been honored as one of “20 Artist You Should Know” by Complex.com, Presidential volunteer award from the white house, and a Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship recipient.

Brian Lindstrom / Documentarian

Brian Lindstrom’s award-winning documentaries profile people society puts an “x” through and aim to reduce stigma and reveal the humanity of those living on the margins. Mothering Inside follows the Family Preservation Project’s efforts to help inmate moms establish healthy bonds with their children. The film played a vital role in prompting the Oregon legislature to reverse the Dept. of Corrections’ decision to close the program despite a zero recidivism rate among graduates. Mothering Inside won awards at the Bend and Ashland Film Festivals and was selected for MountainFilm Festival in Telluride and many others. Alien Boy: The Life & Death of James Chasse, about the death of a non-violent man with schizophrenia at the hands of the Portland Police, is available on Amazon and iTunes and is distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures. Finding Normal follows longtime heroin and crack addicts trying to rebuild their lives with the help of recovery mentors. It is distributed by Dark Hollow Films. Lindstrom is currently working on a documentary about the late singer/songwriter Judee Sill and is developing a series for HBO with his wife, Cheryl Strayed.


Campovida is an award winning winery in Mendocino County, 1.5hrs north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It’s where the Do Lectures USA have been held for the last four years. You’ll see why when you get there. This place changed America in the most dramatic way when the Fetzer family revolutionised organic wines but when Gary and Anna took the place on it was in a state of disrepair, in serious need of some tender loving care. Fast forward five years and Campovida is changing America again, making world class wines, hosting life changing events and allowing those who visit this paradise to dream big.

13 acres of organic plants including: herbs, vegetables, 100+ olive trees, 100+ apple trees, 30+ pear trees, 20+ fig trees, 10+ persimmon trees, 200 honey bee colonies, and groves of organic lavender. You won’t go hungry here. And we don’t just mean in the physical sense.


“How do you describe ice to people who cannot fathom what frozen water is?”

This quote is an analogy from John Lewis, a 2014 attendee as he sets out to share his experience at DO. A 6 minute read will provide some insight, to say the least.

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It all started in 2008 in a beautiful place in Wales, UK. A fantastic couple, David and Clare Hieatt invited people from around the world to come and share their inspirational stories in a tipi. One of those storytellers was Duke Stump.

It didn’t take long before a new idea was born. After a few local Welsh ales in the Bwthyn*, Duke partnered with his life friend Anna Beuselinck of Campovida who felt such affinity with the essence of Do that they decided to host their very own Do Lectures USA. And that was in 2011.

The Do Lectures is now also in Australia. It’s happening. It’s contagious and it’s beautiful. The simple things we all share passions for are jumping into rivers when we see one, eating outside with new friends over great conversation and inspiring others to DO. The 20 minute** talks are all filmed and shared on our communal website for you to watch for free. Enjoy!

*Welsh word for pub
**more or less!

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